Jon Fordham has brought his talents to Los Angeles after years as one of the most in-demand finishing editors and colorists in New York City. His nine ACADEMY AWARD™ nominated documentaries including "Strangers No More" and "Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1" both winners of the short documentary OSCAR™ and his 50-plus films for HBO are some of the accomplishments of a career that spans more than 30 years. 

After his work as a staff editor for the International Network Center in Paris in the mid 80s, Jon came to New York where he quickly established himself as a popular online editor and colorist.  He continues working on NY based projects while cultivating new opportunities in his hometown. 

Solid relationships are the foundation and engine of this business and Jon has developed strong bonds with many exceptionally talented filmmakers over the years, some of whom graciously share their thoughts about working with him:


I have worked with Jon Fordham on a number of projects of varying complexity and he has always been the perfect combination of consummate professional and inspired artist. Jon has a great eye for color, a wealth of experience in finishing and delivering for film and television, and perhaps most importantly, he is a pleasure to work with. Add the fact that he can manage time well and work with all kinds of budgets, and I can’t imagine going to anyone else.
— Susan Motamed – Union Editorial, NYC
For more than two decades, I’ve had the privilege of working with Jon at the critical juncture of finishing projects that have often taken years to create. His keen eye, expert technical prowess and ever-present good cheer have consistently helped make this often stressful stage of post-production a creatively engaging and genuinely fun process. I can’t imagine a more talented, patient soul to collaborate with at this important stage of film making.
— Karen Goodman – ACADEMY AWARD Winner, Four time ACADEMY AWARD Nominee
I could not imagine completing a documentary without bringing it to Jon Fordham to give it the necessary finishing touches. Whether he’s doing the color correction, adding effects, or just keeping our productions legal enough to meet strict broadcast standards, Jon always enables us to deliver a final film that we can all be proud of. After all the hard work it takes to get to the finishing online stage, there is no greater feeling of security than relying on Jon to make the film look as good as it possibly can.
— Roger Weisberg – Producer/Director Public Policy Productions
Jon Fordham has had my back for more than twenty years. I trust him to bring his singular vision to every project. From his impeccable creative intuition for color and style to his unparalleled technical knowledge, he is in every way the post production guru every project needs. Our collaborations are always a pleasure, and the end result is always breathtaking.
— Ann Collins – Editor
Jon has taken care of the color and video finish of my projects for over 20 years. Jon is an extremely talented colorist and helps solves all those nasty bits that reveal themselves in finishing. Being a documentary filmmaker the video tricks can’t be apparent, Jon makes sure all the corrections are immaculate, just like life is on film. Jon is part of the team - he seamlessly coordinates with our editor, mixer and broadcaster. A delight.
— Kirk Simon – ACADEMY AWARD Winner, Four time ACADEMY AWARD Nominee
For more than a quarter century, our films have benefited from Jon’s magic touch. He is a magician.
— Peter Kunhardt, Kunhardt McGee Productions
I have worked with Jon Fordham most successfully in creating numerous concert broadcasts for PBS. He is a wonderful creative collaborator, who has been my right hand in the studio, helping to realize my vision in countless ways. Jon’s attention to detail is also unparalleled. He is an outstanding video editor.
— Sir Gilbert Levine