Jon Fordham is one of the most sought after finishing editors and colorists working in New York City today. His eight ACADEMY AWARD™ nominated documentaries including the winning Strangers No More and his 50 plus films for HBO are some of the accomplishments of a career that spans more than 30 years. 

After his work in Paris in the 80s Jon came to New York where he quickly established himself as popular online editor and colorist.  HIs current seven year tenure at Framerunner Inc has seen him further solidify his stature as one of the premiere talents in the industry.

Recently Jon saw a need in the post production community for a greater understanding of the post production process.  The proliferation of formats and codecs and possible workflows have made the process more complicated and intimidating. He asked his talented colleague Evan Anthony to join him and they together developed and now teach NAVIGATING HD, a seminar designed for editors, assistants, post production supervisors, producers and directors that addresses questions and issues that plague today's video professionals. The seminar is hosted at Framerunner Inc, but can come to you if need be.


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